The easiest way to deliver dashboards

A single, flexible platform to create real-time dashboards for your management, operations staff and application teams.

Rich visualizations

Create engaging dashboards with performance data, SLAs, maps and diagrams.

Web simplicity

HTML5 technology for any browser, any user. No deployment headaches.


Self-service performance reporting

Web access to the Data Warehouse means you'll spend less time running reports and your users will get the information they need.

Fast & intuitive

Interactive graphs so you can get to any performance view in seconds.

Role-based access

Integrated with SCOM role-based access control for centralized administration.


Actionable alerts on any device

Get actionable information into the hands of server and application teams for the fastest response to critical issues.

Immediate context

Understand exactly where the problem is and which IT services are impacted.

Smart collaboration

In-browser knowledge editor and intuitive workflows streamline alert management.